Orange Blossom Baptist Association
Thursday, June 24, 2021


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Who We Are 

MISSION: We partner to unify, encourage, and equip churches to make disciples.

PURPOSE: Our purpose is to be obedient to God’s commands to go, reach, and teach all people to become Christ like.
VISION: We envision all Orange Blossom Baptist Association churches as being healthy and thriving, building and advancing God’s Kingdom.
     To that end, we will:
     1.   Assist member churches in carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as
           stated in Matthew 28:19-20.
     2.   Promote and nurture fellowship among member churches, pastors, staff, and retired                          ministers.
     3.   Promote mission education, support and involvement in our world mission causes by
           helping persons understand the role of the local church, association, state convention and the
           Southern Baptist Convention.
     4.   Encourage a cooperative spirit among churches in support of world missions through
           the Cooperative Program, and the voluntary assistance of our sister churches one with
     5.   Strengthen member churches according to their expressed needs and the ability of the
           association to respond.
     6.   Encourage the establishment of new churches and missions.
     7.   Encourage the establishment of community ministries for the purpose of sharing Jesus
           Christ and God’s love to all persons.
     8.   Communicate information of the work of our denomination so that our churches may
           be informed about the resources available to them.